RaceQuip Silver Hardware Pivot Kit for Face Shield Fits PRO & VESTA Model Helmets



Keeping track of all the small parts you deal with at the racetrack can be difficult, that’s why RaceQuip offers these silver hardware kits to go with RaceQuip helmets. This silver faceshield hardware pivot kit works with all PRO and VESTA Series Helmets as well as SFI 24.1 PRO Youth Helmets. The kit includes two Aluminum Pivot Screws with integral Pivot Washers, faceshield washers, spring loaded faceshield sliders, and a faceshield lock button.

  • N/A
  • Silver
  • RaceQuip PRO & VESTA Helmets
  • Includes Two Silver Aluminum Pivot Screws, Two Pivot Washers, slide hardware, and positive lock post